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Want to tell everyone why you love the Ravens? How you became a fan? The story of your trip to Baltimore and the M&T Bank stadium? This is the place.

How to share your story: leave a comment on this page, use the contact page or connect with me on Twitter. I’ll get back to you and we can organise your piece over email.

The purpose of this site is to build a community of UK-based Baltimore Ravens fans. One way to do that is to share our stories. The way that Britons come to American football and choose our team is often interesting.

I want to collect those stories – and others. Here are a few strands:

Why I’m a Raven: tell the story of how you became a fan. Perhaps they were just one of the teams in the first game you watched on TV. Or maybe your surname is Ogden and you felt an affinity with the first Raven draftee in the Hall of Fame. Tell your fellow fans.

My first time: have you seen the Ravens play in person? Share the story. Did you see them in Baltimore or on the road? What was it like? What will you always remember?

Ravens trips: perhaps you’re lucky enough to have seen the Ravens play more than once. Tell the world about your favourite, or most eventful, trip.

Rituals: do you have to wear a Ravens jersey every time they play? Do you wear purple socks on game day? This section is for those fan habits and superstitions.

Ravens heroes: talk about your favourite player. It could be a big name or someone more obscure. It’s up to you. Explain why they’re a favourite and share your memories.

Great games: a couple of obvious games spring to mind but this section is for any memorable Ravens game you want to write about. Last second wins, great comebacks, huge plays – share it here.

Road trips: perhaps you’re lucky enough to have seen a game in the US but the Ravens weren’t playing. Don’t worry – there are loads of British fans who dream of a trip like that. Tell them what it was like.

As you can see, there are plenty of stories to choose from. Ideally, yours would be about 500 words but less is fine. If you’ve got loads to say, then that’s fine too. Don’t worry if you aren’t a confident writer – everything that’s published will be edited first. The most important thing is to take part.

If you want to contribute, please get in touch using the Contact page. You can type your story directly into the box if you want. Or just tell me that you’re interested and we can discuss your idea. I can give advice on how to write your piece, what angles and aspects are most interesting or any other help and support you need.

This site doesn’t make any money so I can’t pay for stories. However, the copyright on anything you submit will always belong to you. I’ll also link to your Twitter feed or website.

I’m looking forward to hearing your Ravens stories.

Photo: Keith Allison