NFL Books

This website is all about stories. If you love NFL stories, then you’ll love reading some of the great books that have been published about the sport. But where to begin? This section of the site aims to help.

Every book listed here is one that I have read and would recommend. I’m not very partial to autobiographies, so there aren’t many of those. I tend to look books by writers who take an overview of a team, an era or a particular figure and explain their significance, so a lot of the books that appear here will be like that. I’m also fascinated by NFL strategy and tactics so you’ll find lots of books on that aspect of the game. In short, it’s a personal list and your taste might differ from mine.

As the list builds out, I’ll divide it into categories so that it’s easier to find the kind of thing you like to read.

I’m always keen to read more about the sport so please send your recommendations if you have any.

The NFL Reading List
Flying High: Stories of the Baltimore Ravens by Jamison Hensley
Next Man Up by John Feinstein
Take Your Eye Off the Ball by Pat Kirwan
Madden: A Biography by Bryan Burwell
Out of Their League by Dave Meggyesy
The Blueprint by Christopher Price (Thomas Dunne, 2007)
War Room by Michael Holley (HarperCollins, 2011)
Football Scouting Methods by Steve Belichick (Ronald Press, 1962)
The Education of a Coach by David Halberstam (Hachette, 2005)
Touchdown: UK by Nick Richards (AuthorHouse, 2009)
American Football’s Forgotten Kings by Alex Cassidy (Pitch Publishing, 2015)
The Proving Ground by Lars Anderson (St Martin’s Press, 2001)