Ravens 2018 draft class

The 2018 NFL Draft is in the books. Here's the Ravens' draft class.

It will take a couple of years before anyone can tell you how good this draft was, but from this perspective Ozzie Newsome nailed it. He filled a lot of needs and traded smartly, adding picks and taking players at points where they were considered good value. Here’s the full list of the new Ravens:

Round 1, pick 25: Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina
After trading back twice, the Ravens made their first pick at 25. Hurst is a 6’5, 250-pound, pass catching tight end. Ranked as the top receiving TE by many pre-draft analysts, there are some questions about his blocking but he fills a big need for the Ravens.

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Round 1, pick 32: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
One of the most exciting players in the draft, Lamar Jackson was tempting enough for the Ravens that they traded back into round one to get him. Compared by many to Michael Vick, though hopefully kinder to animals, Jackson has some rough edges as a passer but is an exciting prospect as Flacco’s successor.

Round 3, pick 83: Orlando Brown Jr, OT, Oklahoma
Until his historically bad showing at the combine, Brown was seen as a top prospect at tackle. His father, Orlando Brown senior, spent six years with the Ravens – the final one in 2005 – so the team connection might give junior his best chance to succeed.

Round 3, pick 86: Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma
Another tight end and another Oklahoma pick. Andrews is a pass catcher who, reports say, plays like a wide receiver in a tight end’s body. The Ravens didn’t get great grades for this pick, but they need to keep taking shots at pass catchers and that’s what they did.

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Round 4, pick 118: Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama
You can never have too many corners and, for Ozzie, you can never take too many players from Alabama. Averett probably lacks the size to play on the outside but he’s said to have great technique and looks like a good slot option.

Round 4, pick 122: Kenny Young, ILB, UCLA
Young is a coverage linebacker who fills another need for the Ravens and will compete for a slot alongside CJ Mosley.

Round 4, pick 132: Jaleel Scott, WR, New Mexico State
A huge wide receiver, Jaleel Scott doesn’t have a ton of speed but looks like a good red zone threat. Again, the Ravens have to take shots at pass catchers.

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Round 5, pick 162: Jordan Lasley, WR, UCLA
There are questions about drops but Lasley is a deep threat who should stretch the field. He has some ‘character concerns’, though those amount what sound like a couple of minor run-ins with the law and a fight in practice.

Round 6, pick 190: DeShon Elliott, SS, Texas
An intriguing pick because the scout reports on him say that he needs help in coverage but his highlights show that, when he gets it right, he can be excellent against the pass. Sounds like a good safety against the run, a special teams contributor and a player who could develop well.

Round 6, pick 212: Greg Senat, OT, Wagner
An offensive lineman with good size, who adds some depth. The Ravens have done a good job in recent years at developing linemen, so this could be the latest project.

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Round 6, pick 215: Bradley Bozeman, C, Alabama
A second pick from Alabama, Bozeman doesn’t project very highly, say analysts, but he could develop into a depth player at either center or guard.

Round 7, pick 238: Zach Sieler, DE, Ferris State
Ozzie finishes his final draft with a defensive lineman. Sieler has plenty of talent, according to analysts, but has to step up from Division II college football to the pros.

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