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Football books

Looking for a Ravens-related read? I can recommend some good titles.

Interested in learning more about football in general or the Ravens in particular? Pigskin Books is a website I created because I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide to football books. Obviously, since I’m a Ravens fan, Baltimore-related stuff crops up quite often. Here are a few pieces fellow fans might find interesting:

Brian Billick interview: the Ravens’ Super Bowl-winning former head coach talks about his writing career and the difficulty of drafting QBs.
John Feinstein interview: long-time sportswriter John Feinstein talks about his new book on quarterbacks and his inside-the-Ravens book, Next Man Up.
John Eisenberg interview: the Baltimore Ravens columnist and sports writer on his book on the early years of the NFL.
Top five books for Baltimore Ravens fans: There are plenty of books on the Ravens but these five are essential for any fan.

As well as the Baltimore-specific books, I can give plenty of recommendations on books to read if you’re interested in the history of the NFL, football strategy, books on building a winning team and plenty of others. Here are a few lists to start you off:

Top five: NFL Draft books
Top five: books about the business of football
Top five: NFL history books
Top five: NFL strategy books

I can recommend loads more and I love talking about football books, so get in touch on Twitter if you want specific advice.

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