Scouting report: Detroit Lions

Fiona McLaren's love of an underdog led her to the Lions. Here's her preview of tomorrow's game.

How did you become a Lions fan?
I started watching the NFL in 2011, and was somehow immediately drawn to the Lions. They were really exciting that year with Stafford and Calvin Johnson doing some ridiculous things, which for a new fan learning the game was a lot of fun. The thing that really got me on board though was discovering that they were the only team to ever have a totally winless season. Who doesn’t love an underdog?

What do Lions fans think about the Ravens?
Personally, I always feel like there’s quite a lot of respect for them, and that they have a bunch of qualities that the Lions have aspired to in one way or another. I guess that’s why we ended up with all their old coaches.

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Are there any games between our teams that stand out in your mind? What about players who have played for both teams?
I think they’ve only played once since I’ve been a fan? I had to look it up, but was not surprised to read that the last meeting was a low-scoring, close loss for the Lions, involving a last-minute 61-yard field goal. Sounds about right.

The obvious connection between the two teams has to be the coaching one, with both Jim Caldwell and Teryl Austin joining the Lions, as well as Haloti Ngata coming over to fill the Ndamukong Suh-sized hole in our defensive line.

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How has your season been so far?
Ha! There was so much optimism at the start! It turns out they’ve actually been pretty average – and some of the patterns of slow starts and desperate comeback attempts from last year have spilled over, except without as much luck. If it weren’t for the defense and special teams managing to magic up some points I think it would all be over already – as it is, we’re left desperately clinging to a glimmer of playoff hope that involves winning out the rest of the season.

What are you expecting from Sunday’s game?
I’ve given up trying to predict what this team will do… I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that the Lions D can make an impact, and that Stafford and gang can actually get something going early. If they don’t, it could be a pretty ugly one. It might be pretty ugly even if they do. Or just end up as a battle of the kickers?

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