Scouting report: Houston Texans

Graham Henderson's first game in the US was Texans v Ravens and somehow he ended up a Texans fan! Here's his view of Monday night's matchup.

How did you become a Texans fan?
I became a Texan fan in November of ’08. My now in-laws had moved to Houston earlier that year and it was my first time visiting. My first actual game was Texans v. Ravens at the then-named Reliant stadium. It was an amazing day and I’ve been a Texans fan ever since. I was made so welcome that there was only one team for me. (Please don’t ask what the score was though, haha!)

What do Texans fans think about the Ravens?
Personally, I don’t mind the Ravens as they play tough D like us and I have seen a few players and even coaches head up to Baltimore. I was in London for their international series game and I met a some really great fans from the States who I still keep in touch with so, yeah, to me they are on the better side of opposing teams.

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Are there any games between our teams that stand out? What about players or coaches who have been on both teams?
Notable people who have gone between include our former Head Coach Gary Kubiak, going to be your offensive coordinator. Also Jacoby Jones, who back in the 2011 season, I think, played for the Texans against the Ravens in the playoffs and muffed a punt inside the five that was key in our defeat. It still stings. I think he signed for the Ravens that next season.

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How has your season been so far?
The Texans season this year has been a rollercoaster. There was so much promise, then a poor start by Savage at QB led to the inclusion of Deshaun Watson who exploded. He was probably the best player in the league and hope was restored in our team’s chances of a run at the playoffs. Then the injuries started mounting up: JJ, Mercilus, Covington, Watson, Cole and, on Sunday, Foreman. All starters and major contributors. At best we could get a wildcard place but that’s a longshot. We also have no decent round picks in next year’s draft so we just have to limp on this year and look to next season.

What are you expecting from Monday night’s game?
Bottom line I am hopeful for a Texan win just to keep us relevant in the wildcard hunt but understand that will be no easy task!

Graham Henderson runs the Houston Texans UK account on Twitter.
Top photo by Karen.

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