Scouting report: Miami Dolphins

The Ravens face the Dolphins on Thursday night football. Graham Morby-Raybould gives the Miami perspective on the game.

How did you become a Dolphins fan?
Purely Channel 4’s fault, back in the 90s. I took to watching with my dad and got hooked. Being a 10 year old and not really knowing too much about teams and areas, I went with colour and the aqua and orange just stood out. As time went on, I learnt about greats like Marino and Coach Shula. Never looked back since, really. I do miss the long-play VHS recordings of games, I must say.

Our teams seem to meet pretty often these days. What do Dolphins fans think about the Ravens?
Personally, I think the Ravens and Dolphins don’t have too much hate! I do have a soft spot for Ray Lewis who was, to me, the greatest middle linebacker to play the game. And being a Miami U guy, I’m sure many people wished he had stayed in south Florida. But, all in all, I have a lot of respect for the Ravens and many Phins who I know do too.

What games between our teams particularly stick in your mind?
January 4th, 2009. The time we made the playoffs for the first time in what felt like decades. Flacco was still a rookie and we were shouting “Run Ricky, Run!”. We were there by pure luck and it felt like we could do something. But no, Dolphins will always be Dolphins. 27-9 and season over.

We last met in pre-season. How has your season been going since?
The Dolphins simply make you sweat! How we are 4-2 is beyond me. We have a $10-million QB who only seems to be willing to play when he wants to and a backup QB who can win the ballgame. This season has been shocking – I think that’s the best word for it. Last week against the Jets we shouldn’t have had a chance but yet again the fourth quarter was our friend.

What are you expecting from Thursday’s game?
If we turn up and play from the outset, then I’m expecting an entertaining game. Will we win? I have no idea. It depends what offense turns up on the day. Will we be competitive? Haha, again, it depends on what the play calling is like. Will we go 5-2? I hope so. I’d like to think we could be an unlikely playoff team – an underdog. That would be cool.

Graham is @MiamiDolphinUK on Twitter.
Photo by Dave Minogue.

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