Scouting report: Buffalo Bills

Matt Swain, of the UK Buffalo Bills backers, previews this weekend's matchup.

How did you become a Bills fan?
Just by watching the Super Bowl, some time in the late 1990s. I made a wager with a mate, on who would get to next year’s Super Bowl. I chose the Bills, read up on the history and saw some games and just stuck with them.

How do Bills fans feel about the Ravens?
I don’t think we have a true perception of the Ravens, unlike the other AFC East teams. My perception is that they are always a strong defence and a physical team. They’re always there or thereabouts at the end of the season. They just need a spark on offense and they will be there constantly.

Any games between our teams or players we have in common that stand out in your memory?
For players, it has to be Tyrod. He was a backup in Baltimore then came over to the Bills. No, he isn’t elite, and at times we can be critical, but he has done wonders running the ball and ball security. He just needs to learn to take a risk now and then.

How has your pre-season gone so far?
This preseason has been a rollercoaster – loads of ups and downs. Our new coaching team and GM have my backing. I trust the process and the complete clean out we seem to be having. Obviously, the shock trades of Darby and Watkins have got some fans and pundits thinking the T word, but I believe this will work in our favour. With two picks in the first three rounds of next year’s draft, we’ve got loads of ammo for our front office to do what they said they would and build through the draft.

What will you be looking for in this game?
I’ll be looking to see how the offense and defense can get to grips with the playbook. Yes, not all the plays will be shown but if they continue to execute well then we can shock teams. I’ll also look to see how Tyrod can cope with losing Watkins. Hopefully he can show that he should be here for a while.

Matt Swain is chairman of the UK Bills Backers.

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